Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I finally realized in the 34th week of 2009..

I know I haven't been updating my blog, so I'm just gonna do so in with a KISS, as in "keep it short and sweet."

Among the responsibilities of my job as a Daily Paid Assistant over here in WWF-Malaysia in the Observer Programme of Peninsular Malaysia Seas Project, here are of the following:
  • go on to the fishermen boat and record data as in their catch and whether a turtle is caught entangled in their nets;
  • assist my supervisor, Mr. Ernest Chiam, on his work duties;
  • and to write the Turtle Bycatch Report in Melaka.
When I came here, I assumed that my supervisor would know exactly what he wants to do with the report. However, as time progress, my suspicion of him not knowing how to write a scientific paper got more obvious. The real tip-off was when I asked him about what to include in the 'Abstract' section. I really wish he had told me from the very beginning that he lacks in skills of writing a proper scientific paper so that I can carry out the Observer Programme on my own. As a scientist, one depends heavily on the data to make further analysis before passing any judgement. Although, I do sympathize that my supervisor is currently undergoing a lot of stress from work and on other matters as well. So I am thankful to him that he has helped me out at my time of need (like how I have been waiting for the past 3 weeks just to get my salary for the month July).

Anyway, so that's my life at the moment. I hope I get to blog on other marine related issues, but that would have to wait until I have more free time. Also, I would like to wish to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters a Happy Ramadan, and may they enjoy their time fasting. (",)