Wednesday, June 27, 2007

be patient for she's gone

This morning, a turtle came up to lay her nest at a few minutes before the rain poured in. At the time she was laying her eggs, the weather was still OK. As soon she closed her nest, the rain poured, but luckily we managed to place in all the eggs just in time. The boatman whose job was to deliver and fetch us from the island was in such a rush that he started yelling when giving out the orders. It got me a bit frustrated because the three other people who went along with me were girls and of course they're packing their things up as fast as they can. He kept yelling to hurry up, and I was about to blurt out to him, "Be patient!" Right at that moment, those words really strike me.

The past two days, I've been so feeling so depressed with the heartaches and the headaches that I've been getting over here in Malacca. The one person I really wish I could talk to was no more to be contact. This time, I really closed the book of the true love I once shared with her. Of course I still love her, but I know I'm nowhere in her heart now. For me, I believe that I don't have to be with her just to love her with all my heart. What matters the most is her happiness, and I'm glad that she has found what she has been seeking for in life. For now, I would definitely pray hard for her and hope that she would live her life to the fullest. As for me, patient is what I should be and hope for the best that I wish for all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Courteous Ride

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of me to cheer up my woes, and yeah, I do feel much better. Moments like these, it's good to know there are family members and close friends to count on. Anyhow, I don't wanna blog too much, but I just wanna showcase the article I did for R.AGE @ The Star newspaper online website. I just hope it gets printed.

Title: Courteous Ride

Commuter train has been proved to be convenient to people and one of the ways to help reduce traffic on the road. For those who often take this public transport, here’s something to be on the lookout: impatient and selfish passengers.

Ever notice when the doors are about to open, both people waiting outside and inside are ready to rush through? This is mostly seen as people have the tendency to quicken their time spent on the journey. In effect, people then fight for the space inside the train and to exit the station quickly. Sadly as in seems, not many people practice the habit of patience as one of their virtues.

Other than being generous, passengers should be considerate among themselves that most people are in a rush to reach their destination. In having to do so, by letting those waiting inside the train to exit first, people on both sides would not treat each other as hassle. This is mainly because of the fact that letting passengers to come out first would prove to be more efficient and time-saving as compared to having people rushing to leave and enter the train at the same time.

Other than the trouble with the doors, is it often to see people giving up their seats to those who are in more in need? Or even for a kind gentleman to let a lady to take his seat? Doubtful as it may seem, a selfish passenger would not think for a moment to do so. To avoid this, the person would go into slumber and pretend not to wake up until they are about to reach their destination.

Take a ride in any train, definitely there will be a displayed message insisting others to give up their seats to the following people: an elderly, a handicapped, and a pregnant mother. Then younger generation should show respects to their elders and remember that an elderly person have a weaker body especially for women. As for those who are handicapped, both mentally and physically, should have the benefit of having the seat as they are less fortunate with their state of body. Obviously, a mother who is pregnant with her baby should have the priority to have the seat since it is quite stressful to their body when standing. Lastly, men should behave kindly to the ladies that by giving their seats to them would show a sign of respect to one another.

There etiquettes in everything we do, and this include when taking the commuter train. Be patient when boarding onto the train, and be considerate to others who deserve to have the seat. The year 2007 is special to Malaysia for the unique celebration of 50 years of independence, which the government has urged their people to be more courteous and friendly. Passengers ought to remember this as soon they step into the train station.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stupid me....

Damn.. I dunno what's seem to be wrong with me, I feel like I need to get whack on the head big time. I mean a cute chick came up to me in KLCC when I was heading off to Aquaria. So cute that I just couldn't stop admiring her beauty. She came up to me hoping to seek a charitable donation for this ngo. However, unlucky as I was, I couldn't help her out because my wallet was totally empty. :( The one time that I had the chance to enjoy my life, yet I just couldn't do so. Maybe this is a sign that I need to keep holding on to what my heart wants.

Have a break.. Head to KL...

I'm currently in KL now, and the house is partially clean. As always, I had expected the house was going to be a mess since the evil twin rarely cleans the house. The bathroom stinks, but at least there's cold water to drink in the fridge. I managed to reach from Melaka to KL in less than 2 hours. So yeah, I did speed like hell because I just wanna rush to the house and enjoy the comfort of the home. Dunno what's the plan for tomorrow, but for now, it's time to SLEEP!! :P

Monday, June 11, 2007

Week 8

Seven weeks has passed since I first came to this field house, and again, it surely has been fun. Not too much on the work though, so no stress there. Yet at the same time, I do feel bit down lately. I'm so confused and puzzled of what my heart wants, that at times make me wanna change my future plans. I do hope to go further than achieving a PhD., but only Allah knows. There is one thing I wish I could have right now, but not all wishes do come true. *sigh* There's a saying that if you really want it, just go for it. Due to some circumstances, I doubt I can go for it. It'll be just too troublesome. I'm sorry that I can't say any further details because I don't want to state what's exactly is my problem, but I just wanna let out a bit. Anyhow, I just hope I can get out of the low mood that I'm in; but I'm still thankful for the things I have and the people that's still with me. ^_^