Monday, December 29, 2008

What's wrong with Perhentian Islands?

For many Malaysians, they'll think of Perhentian Islands as one of the ideal spots to go for vacation. Sandy beaches, interesting people to meet, a few places with good corals. Wait, just a few? Yeap, that's true as according to the statistics released by Reef Check Malaysia, in 2007, Perhentian has a coral cover of 34% as compared to 50% coral cover at Tioman and Redang. So what seems to be among the causes that has harness the underwater forest?

One simple answer: humans. Last Saturday, Leong Siok Hui wrote in Lifestyle section of The Star newspaper about what are the issue on waste management in Perhentian Islands. As a collaboration with WildAsia, the articles written in the Rethink Travel segment raised concerns about despite the two islands' beauty (Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil), there seems to be a mess that has been brought upon by the following:
i) improper waste management;
ii) bad practise of tourism; and
iii) unsustainable development.
Not that I want to point finger at anyone, but the issues are very challenging that many resort owners, dive centre operators and villagers of Perhentian island would face. I mean what's an island life would be if the environment is not as pretty as it used to be?

To read more on the issue, please do some time reading on the following articles:

Revived again!

Damn, I've been away for far too long! Haha.. Ok, for those people who have came to visit my blog, I'm sorry I have disappointed y'all in keeping quiet, but here's a quick update of what's been happening:
  • due to the monsoon season, I'm currently based in the WOX head office at Petaling Jaya until February
  • working on a project proposal that focus on coral reef conservation (sorry, other information is classified at the moment)
  • I'm back at my parents' place in Kota Bharu for the 3 days weekend, which I'll be back in KL by Tuesday morning.

So to make it short, I'm just post up the pics that has been happening after my convocation in July:

By the time I arrived in Tioman, I had my own graduation party with my volunteers as well (well except for the 2 guys there since they were just happened to hang out at the same bar with us).

But I sure am gonna miss the Sri Tioman crew, they've been such a cool bunch to hang out with.

Also, I'm gonna miss Jo, the blind green turtle at Juara.

Then came August that was the biggest group of volunteers I ever had, about 11 of them.

One of the unique activities in Tioman is that you can go surfing as shown by my main man, Sham of the Tioman Cobana. Hang ten!

By September, I went to Perhentian as September was the last batch of volunteers for the Great Sea Turtle Project for the 2008. Together, we have managed to accomplish more than we had projected.

Then by October, I had the road trip to Johor Bahru, which was really fun.

A couple weeks later, I went along for the company dinner for sushi. Oishi!

Then in mid November, I had the chance to hang out with Pian, Kuan and Adam as you can see in the pic below.

Then by December, Hanu and I participated as judges for the 2008 Royals Inter-Varsity debate that was held at International Islamic University Malaysia.

Then a week after, I went back to my parents' home in Kota Bharu for Aidil Adha celebrations. You can see my parents posing with their 2 hyper active grandkids (my sis' wonder sons).

Just yesterday, I went to Kuala Terengganu and meet up with Wan, Manu, Aizat and Pashia. It sure was fun and I really had a great kuay teow lunch at Noodle Station.