Thursday, November 8, 2012

Return after a long hiatus....

The last post I did was almost 2 years ago when I got the Help Our Penyu (HOPE) project to be registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) Malaysia. Since then, many events have taken place that has given great fortunes, and there are times that got me slumber into depression. Now, with the inspiration from an awesome buddy of mine, I have return to blogging.

So what's up with me these days? Well I'll just sum it all up in the following 2 paragrahs.

2011 kept me thinking a lot about what I've done in the past 10 years after I've graduated from high school. From meeting new folks to the moments where I encountered with some unexpected events, 2011 can be summarize with the idiom, "every cloud has a silver lining." So the sea turtle conservation project was considered as a failure in terms of my management skills and unfortunate luck, but in the end, I end up gearing myself for a cause that's greater than worrying about our environment. That is, every child deserves a quality education and there's a need to end education inequity. With that, I was successfully selected to be among the Teach For Malaysia Fellows of the first cohort.

Next paragraph, it's 2012. However, I really a bad start for the year, and I can say my 2011 ended real bad too. At times, I try to avoid confrontation, but of course, there are times when I couldn't resist doing so due to the sense of immorality in the air. Long story short, it's an ongoing sibling rivalry that I do hope it will heal up soon, but that other person has a lot to amend to live up to my expectation as the older sibling. Other than that, 2012 has been the year when I have experience of being a teacher, a profession that was once done by my mom before she became a nurse. My parents are very proud that I was selected for Teach For Malaysia fellowship because they both have strong belief that one should help others and to share our knowledge to overcome poverty. Through the months and weeks of getting used to teaching in a public secondary school in Malaysia, I have come to understand the challenges that lays ahead and the various factors that contributes to the fire of education inequity.

I now would like to take the time to thank my buddy, Karthik Karunanithy,  for giving me the inspiration to revive back my blog. I can never thank you enough for being a great friend and wonder motivator. It's been almost 2 years, but there is yet many wisdom to be shared.