Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Change in Plan/ Kelantanese road scenario

Looks like my plans to go to Melaka has been cancelled due to the weather. At the same time, it's a blessing in disguise that I can help to drive my dad to the hospital for his eye procedure. So I'll be heading to KL on Friday night, reaching at the house in Taman Melawati by Saturday morning, just in time to go to the Pasar Tani. I really miss going to the pasar tani so much, I can't wait to buy my breakfast there. Hehe...

Anyway, I just wanna let out my anger toward the drivers here in Kelantan. I mean I really hate the fact that some drivers out there would drive the car as if they're members of the royal family. One guy had the nerve to stare at me for not giving way to him. Yeah, like blame me for being civilized and obeying the rules because the jerk happened to drive the very side of the road and didn't even bother to give signal. I'm only courteous towards drivers who can drive with good etiquettes. Some people are just so rude and selfish when it comes to driving. Then again, at least they don't pose as much danger as compared to the 'mat & minah rempit'. I wish there would be harsher punishments to curb this menace and teach a huge lessons toward these motorcyclists.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Early this morning I wanted to look for the results of the Royal Debate 2007 since the UMT only let us to stay at the UiTM Shah Alam campus until 2pm. So as I typed in the search engine, it brought my attention to a website I've never heard of until at 8am. I stumbled on the MLYSN Debate Magazine website as a sweet mistake because I only wanted to know what was the outcome of the Royal Debate 2007 finals for all languages (Arabic, English and Bahasa Malaysia) and categories (Senior and Junior).

The MLYSN Debate Magazine was recently created as a periodic reading material for the upcoming CIMB Group World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID) that is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MLYSN highlights on the different viewpoints of individuals who are actively or directly linked with the debate community and professionals dealing with oral communication. In addtion, the MLYSN will provide information that concerns about debate in Malaysia and globally, and the issues that will be note worthy to read. Soon to be distributed in the upcoming CIMB Group WUPID with their very first issue (15th December, 2007), MLYSN will also be handed out among the schools and universities in the Klang Valley. MLYSN website is currenly managed by Muhammad Yunus, an UPM graduate who has many years of experiences in debate and also the Co-Founder & Managing Director at H&G Strategic Communications Sdn Bhd.

I truly recommend other debaters to make a habit of visiting the MLYSN website as it is very resourceful in providing links to other debate websites. I look forward to the development of MLYSN and hope that all institution would subscribe to this periodical to promote debate, create awareness and spark interest in the fine art of oral communication.

Hear. Hear.

The front cover of the MLYSN magazine.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Royals pics

To whoever that wish to view more of the pics from the Royal Debate, just click on http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9530&id=514870689 for more snap shots.



To my fellow debate team-mates, lil' juniors and honourable judge Gary, I dedicate this post to you all........

Berry, thanks for the memories that we both had on Wednesday. I didn't expect that you would accompany and make my day better as to not leave me alone. Hehe.. The dinner treat, tagging along with me to the TwinHead office, holding on to the bus tickets, thanks a billion girl.
:Sabby (left side): :Berry (right side):
Sabby, I'm so sorrie if I ever leave ya out. Don't forget that I'm always gonna be your Doraemon. Hehe.. Then again, you were so mean having to pull that trick on me. *Phew* It's a good thing there was no marker stains on my face. I can't believe I fell for it.

Hanu, girl you were good and thanks again for coming along. I'm glad that ya did the right choice to come along and thanks again for your fashion advice. Although there were a few disappointments that we find it hard to accept, well at least we all had a great fun.

Manu, I hope you'll stick with the debate until you finish your course. You still have a lot of potential to be an influential speaker because your tone is soothing that I'm sure kids would love to hear stories from you. I'm sorrie we couldn't get ya the sandals. Don't ever give up.

Pahsia, now aren't ya glad that you joined us with the Royals? If not, you wouldn't have met so much of your friends from old times, right? Hehe.. Many thanks for your help with the Junior team, and I do hope that you'll one day debate as well.

Wan, now you're the man! Why lah do you have to be so shy, huh? Just ask for her number lah. Hehe.. I feel so sorrie that your bed was "ANALyzed" by Gary the other night and that made your bed to fall down. Haha.. Keep it up Wan, and all the best.

Aizat, you better be lucky that ya got the censored version of my backdoor greeting. Hehe.. Wei, so sorrie for the times I ever offend ya, it's just that I treat ya like a lil' bro who needs much of my guidance. Keep working on your reBUTTals dude.

Gary, thanks for the times you helped out to tutor the juniors. I think ya did a better job than me in explaining to them about debate. Too bad we didn't get to boogie down at any clubs. Then again, we can always take the time to do ANALyze and give reBUTTals. Hehe..