Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Greenpeace in Southeast Asia

One of the radio stations I love to tune to whenever I get the chance (especially when I'm in KL) is the BusinessFM, famously known as BFM 89.9. Today, I just missed out one of the most interesting radio interview featured on the Breakfast Grille (brought to you by CIMB Group), which was an interview with Greenpeace International Campaign Director Shailendra Yashwant. In the interview, Shailendra elaborates on legal actions taken on the individuals and the organization, funding Greenpeace, issues on governmental relations, its' role in Southeast Asia, sustainable development, climate change and of course, going through the accomplishments the Greenpeace has achieved.

Listen to the podcast which you can get from this link on BFM 89.9 titled , "Saving the World Step by Step, Inch by Inch" and you can tune to the podcast here.

Just to make it clear and I quote from Mr. Shailendra Yashwant, "Greenpeace is not an anti-palm oil industry organization."

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  1. At last I did came back here after a while. Thanks for the info.